Rotation Collective - 'Vocal Showcase'

Rotation Collective – ‘Vocal Showcase’

We’re back at Notting Hill Arts Club! Another night of live music, showcasing the best vocals!
Jada O’neill
Angel Seka
About this Event
We are thrilled to announce our second show for Rotation Collective on the 7th of October, at Notting Hill Arts Club for a night of live music, from one band and multiple different artists. A group of musicians (Sam Linford, Keys. Kome Eleyae, Bass. Ollie Pratley, Drums. George Fleming, Guitar.) Showcasing the very best vocals in underground Soul, Jazz, R&B, Neo Soul and more. The passion for the idea came from wanting to give a platform to showcase artist’s creativity and to create a platform for underrepresented people in the community nurturing emerging talent, and give them a space to sing/perform. After performing 3 times at Jazz café, Pizza express Holborn, CSM stadium in Wales as well as numerus other venues, playing, supporting, recording & musically directing many artists. Sam Linford is bringing Rotation collective to Notting hill arts club for a night of Live music, DJ sets and more.


07 October




£ 8.00


Notting Hill Arts Club

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