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nottinghillartsclub 21 Notting Hill Gate London W11 3JQ


Private View/Opening Night:
Thursday 19th March
Notting Hill Arts Club, 21 Notting Hill Gate, W11 3JQ

Music: The Mixing Sticksman will be surrounding your ears with acoustic drums + vinyl on decks played at once, in one live setting, by one person.

The show will consist of Jack’s sprightly, spindly-limbed male characters covering the interior walls of the NHAC. Portraying scenes of good old-fashioned bromance. The work is informed by Pearce’s observations of friendships, and the fun that can be had when people express their affections freely.

Combining ancient tribal motifs with contemporary pop culture aspects, Jack aims to illustrate how the modern male fraternises. ‘Bro-Down’ explores the process of bonding between each member of his bearded Tribe. Through large mural-based Bro characters, the viewer will be able to follow the rituals of beer drinking, face licking and beard stroking to get an insight into how they get-down.

A taster on Jack…

How would you describe your style of illustration

“I feel that the mentality of skateboarding got me into the way I make art, as nobody told me how to paint the way I do – it’s just something I figured out. Skateboarding is something that is self-taught and I’ve applied this to the ways in which I make art. In terms of describing my style I’d say it crosses paths with the street art culture I was brought up into, but mostly takes elements from skateboard graphics I obsessed over through my teen years. I did study illustration but I wouldn’t label myself strictly as an illustrator, trying to label work can be tricky and I’d rather not bother.”

What concepts does your work explore?

“Well, for the most part, the underlying theme of my work revolves around bro-ing out with your friends, drinking beers and not shying away from affection. The ideas for my paintings come from observing the friendships of others. Behind the idea is an opinion I have about the way male friendships are perceived. I like to remind people that guys can be affectionate towards one another.”

Future plans after ‘Bro-down’ at NHAC?

“My second solo show ‘Fauxmance’ at Atomica will be opening May 21st which will consist of a series of new drawings that I’ve been making the past year or so. The only thing I will give away is all work will be in colour and unlike my first solo show ‘Bromance’ it will incorporate male and female characters with plenty of boobies to go around.”