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Last month NHAC hosted the launch of photographer Rosaline Shahnavaz’s solo exhibition ‘Nothing In The World But You’.

The show exhibits a collection of intimate portraits that mark a variety of relationships from over the years that Shahnavaz has been taking photographs. Shahnavaz developed her style as a photographer through the influence of artists such as Corrine Day and Larry Clark. Both of who have produced diaristic, intimate and emotive images in their body of work. Larry Clarke describes becoming a photographer as follows:

“I just happened to have my camera and be photographing my friends. It was totally innocent; there was no purpose to the photographs. There was a purity to them that wasn’t planned; it was realism.”

Shahnavaz stumbled upon photography in a similar way, being given her first camera by her father and experimenting different uses of film/ analog photography. She went on to study BA Photography at London College of Communication and has partaken in a number of different shows across London including a recent exhibition at the Silverprint gallery in Elephant and Castle:

Many photographers take portraits of the people in their lives. Even if their work is specialised in another field, it is difficult not to be drawn to understanding people through a lens. The camera can be used as a tool to develop relationships or initiate them, but ultimately it reveals the true nature of the subject and, in the process, reveals something of the photographer too.

Shahnavaz works in Fashion and Editorial photography and has recently been shooting at LFW 2015. However, the collection exhibited at NHAC is composed of personal portraits including a self-portrait from the artist.

‘Nothing In The World But You’ allows the viewer to see a collection of work that unveils a shared experience between Shahnavaz and her subjects. The images illustrate a level of trust acquired to create raw and intimate portraits where the camera becomes secondary whilst the process is organic and natural. Shahnavaz’s use of analog photography results in delicate and sometimes grainy images with a sensitive use of colour and light.

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