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Kanye West – Say You Will (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

808’s and heartbreak is my favourite Kanye album, and Say You Will may be my favourite Kanye song. There is so much depth and emotion in this song and when I first heard it, I knew the kind of music I wanted to make. Its just so raw and honest and thats something I try to achieve in my music and when it just goes on instrumental you just feel it; and to me thats what music is all about making you feel.

Radiohead – Lotus Flower

My manger was the one who got me into Radiohead and I just instantly fell in love with this song. The bass line has the best groove you just can’t help but move, and the way Thom Yorke rides the beat with his vocals is brilliant. I remember listening to this song a lot whilst writing post Wasted Youth. Plus the video for it is just wicked.

James Blake – Retrograde

This is my favourite James Blake song hands down. I got into his music around the time I was making the transition from straight hip-hop into a more electronic and intimate sound. This song just oozes emotion and is beautiful in its simplicity. This is still one of my go to car jams when I’m driving late at night.

The Fugees – Ready Or Not

I grew up on the Fugees, The Score was on constant play in my house as a kid. Lauryn Hills verse is legendary and for me this is one of the best hip-hop records ever. I’ve always loved the way Wyclefs beats are never complicated and sometimes can just be a loop but theres something about them that never makes them sound boring.

Portishead – Numb

(video not available)

I absolutely love Portishead the vibe and feel they created with their music is so trippy and relaxing at the same time. I can listen to this song every day and never get bored of it. I think Geoff Barrow is the producer I’d most like to work with.
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