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nottinghillartsclub 21 Notting Hill Gate London W11 3JQ


Acoustic soul will always resonate strongly with people. There’s something innately endearing about the genre’s organic fluidity and purity and when it’s presented by an authentic talent, it’ll always be memorable. And so it was a blessing to see Ady Suleiman at Notting Hill Arts Club and I can confidently vouch that all in the crowd were positively transfixed in the same way.

With a debut album due out this year, much of the music we heard was unreleased but that made no difference to how attentively the crowd were engaged. ‘Need Somebody to Love’ instantly transported us to the Summer, it’s mellow warmth driven by Ady’s soulful crooning and balanced with up beat guitar playing. And ‘Stay in Mind’ similarly gave the audience a taste of Ady Suleiman’s energy; he shared an intriguing perspective on life whilst maintaining a bouncy flow that’ll allow all listeners, conscious and otherwise, to appreciate the tune. My favourite of the night was certainly ‘Longing for Your Love’ which brought a folky lullaby vibe to his set. The song’s honest lyrics and emotive tone, reminiscent of the great Amy Winehosue, were sincere, enveloping and a strong sign that this guy has music that’ll endear him to the masses. And ‘Serious and So Lost’ was another jazz inspired tune that had the audience swaying in quiet appreciation.

Hailing from Nottingham, Ady Suleiman has already broken out of that local scene and attracted strong appreciation for his music. And upon the evidence of this show, he’s set to follow in the footsteps of acts such as Liam Bailey and Jake Bugg in terms of making the whole of the UK stand to attention. Stay locked for more from this dude.
Words by Ranako Daley (@NarkiP)

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