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nottinghillartsclub 21 Notting Hill Gate London W11 3JQ

grass roots - new art exhibition

Grass Roots


Notting Hill Arts Club brings you GRASS ROOTS by S.JOY a new arts exhibition to the club.

Opening this Bank Holiday

The consciousness we all have and sometimes ignore can cost more than we like to realise. We are impacted by others and our environment, in turn, we impact onto others 

and our surroundings.


The term ‘Grass Roots’ is defined by the online Oxford Dictionary as ‘The most basic level of an activity or organization… Ordinary people regarded as the main body of an organization’s membership’. 


In the mid-1960’s active members of the Ladbroke Grove, the community decided to culminate their ideas and community projects into a single entity, which we know today as Notting Hill Carnival.Carnival represents a myriad of things for a variety of people. It’s culture and music, food and drink and essentially freedom and positive energy emitted from a mass of people. By no means did the fore founders sit around a table and decide to make the foundations of Europe’s largest and dare it to be said, most influential, street party. Their reasons were humble but determined. In a society that feels as if their hands are tied behind their backs and that the impact of their actions are so insignificant, they would not be felt is not only a disheartening one but a completely false thought to have and live by.  Grass Roots is examining the ethos behind projects, movements, and organisations that begin at ground level and may or may not blossom into creations that could never have been predicted. The idea that positive thoughts lead to positive actions and that you never know where those actions will take you or the community that you reside. 

We are affected by everything that is around us and in turn affect others and our environment. How you affect is up to you, but know that you have the capability to.

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Join us on Friday 28 August for an exclusive viewing of the new arts show at the club followed by the clubs Carnival warm up party 

Free Entry with free drinks provided by Portobello Brewing Co and some nibbles and, of course, an exclusive viewing of the art exhibition before it opens to the public